Thursday, October 9, 2014

Under the Influence; A Prompt from My Son

My 16 year old was under the influence when he told me I should start writing my blog again.

But I'll take it.

He also wanted me to let Obama know he was doing fine.

At this point you may be thinking WOW a lot of things have changed since I last wrote in this blog.

No no no he wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he was coming out of anesthesia after surgery. He underwent elbow ligament reconstruction, or Tommy John surgery for those who follow baseball, for reasons I will talk about in a separate post.

The mention of Obama was the first thing he said to me in recovery and I was so relieved to hear him speak. I certainly wasn't expecting a joke, although I'm still not clear if it actually was a joke or if he really wanted me to let Obama know he was fine. In any case I laughed louder than is probably appropriate in the recovery area, because the anesthesiologist came in to see what was going on. He kinda laughed but I think he's used to people saying random things.

The next thing my son said just floored me. "Mom, you should write on your blog again. I like reading it." It still floors me.

I stopped writing for a while for several reasons. Along with a few personal reasons, the biggest one was that I felt I was violating the privacy of my pre-teen and teenage boys. It's so complicated in a world of over-sharing to navigate the mother/son balance of privacy and respect, to let them manage their own public presence, and to step back and let them go through a few teenage years without commentary. Most of the interesting things going on were things I just didn't feel right sharing in a public place. Some of their friends were reading the blog. It just felt too personal. So I went quiet for a while.

In that post-surgery, boozy eye-fluttering and slurry voice, my middle son not only gave me permission to start writing again, he prompted me.

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