Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some Days Are Just Bigger (And Thank A Teacher For That!)

Some days are just bigger than others. Yesterday was one of those, and it wasn't just because everyone in my family stayed up much later than usual. That made it longer, but it was a big day too.

It was a day where I witnessed one son's sustained hard work resulting in a significant personal record and a profound sense of satisfaction.

It was a day where I saw how generous one of my sons can be to a friend, literally lending the shoes off his feet to make a difference to someone just because he wanted him to succeed.

It was a day where I got to see another son's leadership in action and how he can make a difference for his teammates.

It was a day where extraordinary efforts were made toward an academic goal. Where I saw the lessons learned on the field applied to the classroom. Where hard work, a can-do attitude and a sense of pride and competition can bring about an all-out academic sprint. Where a passion for baseball and a challenge to do your best can meet in the classroom. It was an interesting, if very late, night.

Sure, it was an 18 hour day for some of us. But wow, what was done in those 18 hours has me in awe. And I owe so much of that to my sons' teachers.

The teachers in my sons' lives have had more influence than they can know. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. The teachers I've known for years, the teachers I have not met, the teachers who are coaches, and even the teachers my sons don't particularly like, I appreciate them all because they all have contributed something important to shaping the teenagers in my house.

Thank you to all the teachers who commit themselves to making a positive difference in a young person's life. In particular I'd like to thank my sons' teachers, for their encouragement, support, challenges, instructions, suggestions, inspiration, concern, perspective, friendship, leadership, and partnership.

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