Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The boys in my house were entirely uninterested in decorating the tree. They didn't want to help do the lights either. So I decided to decorate it in my own way, and boy was it fun!

Each Barbie is dressed in her fanciest dress and it makes for a very colorful tree. It is really quite beautiful.

I just can't seem to get the boys to pose by the tree for a photo this year. I don't understand it.


White lights and more than 35 Barbies
adorn my tree this year.

A Christmas dress!

This one was nominated "Most like a Los Gatos mom" of the Barbies on my tree.

Sparkly tights with a miniskirt.

The sneer on this Barbie's face just kills me.


One of several dreamy pink dresses.

Red catsuit with a red coat and fur collar.

Her hair is crazy complicated.

The tree topper is a Christmas Barbie.

My tree had just one Ken and he is wearing a gold lame mesh shirt.

Yes her dress really does match her hair.

I wish a special Merry Christmas to all of those moms of boys out there.


Jill said...

oh, the joys my house would be filled with if we decorated our tree with barbies!

Sandra Smith-Dugan said...

This is THE best tree I have seen all season(s)! Sunset Magazine I hear you calling!!