Saturday, December 17, 2011

Epic Fail in the Kitchen Department

I don't want to brag, but I rarely have failures of more than a minor nature in the kitchen. That is why my recent attempt at making cherpumple, the turducken of desserts, for my son's 15th birthday was a notable occasion.

He thought the idea of the apple, cherry, and pumpkin pies baked inside of cakes and then stacked together to make one colossal cake sounded "awesome," so I watched the YouTube video, bought all the ingredients at a store where I wouldn't see anyone I knew, and started baking.

There was no preventing the collapse once it started.
Family and a few friends were coming over shortly. All the layers were baked and my middle son helped me frost them. When the last layer went on top, it sunk in the middle, a crater formed across it, and it collapsed into a gooey horrible mess. I shrieked, I laughed, I cried. I called my mom. She answered my call in the grocery store where she couldn't understand my incoherent babbling and entertained the shoppers around her by shouting into the phone, "I can't understand you! Are you OK? Slow down. Are you laughing or crying? It what? Send me a picture." Then I called my husband, who called our favorite bakery, ordered two huge cakes and then went and picked them up. His quick use of cell phone and credit card saved the day.

The birthday boy looked at the epic fail and decided to pick up a fork and take a bite. He reasoned that it should still taste good. I was not going near it, it looked like a regurgitated dessert buffet.

It almost distracted me from the fact that in one year I will have a licensed driver.

Hold on, this could still taste good! Um, no.

OK these birthday cakes look and taste much better.

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