Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today's vocabulary word is
permeate |ˈpərmēˌāt|
spread throughout (something); pervade 
The stench of burned meatballs and tomato sauce permeated the house.

Two of my boys were charged with completing the dinner I had started for them before going to a meeting. Unfortunately when I got back home I was instantly aware that something went ary. The result was obvious but the cause what not as clear. It was something to do with delegation, communication breakdown, and needing to go take a shower.

Personal hygiene, good. Leaving the pot unwatched, bad.

All night long I awoke to the smell. This morning, rather than starting off by yelling at them about what idiots they are, I took another tack.

"So," I asked, "what did you learn about cooking last night's dinner?"
"That it is a bad idea to burn the meatballs."
"Because they taste really bad and they smell horrible."
OK, part one of lesson learned. Now for part two: what a pain it is to clean a pot with burned food. He got it pretty clean after an awful lot of scraping and scrubbing. Now for part three: prevention. We went over how if you are cooking something and need to leave the kitchen, for example to check the score of the baseball game or to cut your toenails, you can turn the stove OFF. Ah ha, they didn't think of that.

Lesson learned. Somehow it was not quite as satisfying as yelling at them for making the entire house smell of incinerated animal flesh. But maybe it won't happen again.

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