Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off to High School!

My oldest started high school today. He has been oriented as a freshman, and today he had his first academic classes. He is at a large all-boys Jesuit college prep, quite different from his very small independent co-ed elementary school. After one day, he seems to be making the transition beautifully.
Gone are the uniforms, the days of white polos and navy shorts. Don't be fooled though. He only has to look this nice (see photo) a few days of the year. The rest of the time, he will be in athletic shorts, t-shirts and flipflops. All boys? Only for classes. Today when I picked him up there were plenty of girls in impossibly short plaid uniform skirts hanging around and giving out hugs.

He has his first teacher with an S.J. after his name. That teacher also happens to be a cross-country coach. Oh and practice starts tomorrow, the second day of classes, and continues for SIX days a week. I have already received instructions for understanding the team sport and how it is scored, how to follow the sport online, the diet he should follow, how much sleep he needs and what he should do or not do in his free time. 

Geesh, I wish I had these kind of instructions when he was born!

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Sabrina said...

Amazing milestone. We are just one year behind you with our oldest and beginning the high school hunt. It's all amazing, and way too fast. Enjoy the progress of your "young man".