Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Blond Hair

My middle son is growing his hair out. Or maybe I should say it is grown out. In the process of growing it out he went through the "hair flick" stage which was either irritating, or humorous, or sexy depending on who you are (parent, sibling, friend, teenage girl walking by).

The good part about the current hairstyle is that he is taking a shower every morning without being reminded. He has to get rid of the pillow-head look immediately upon arising. The bad part is that he fusses and smoothes it and now it is starting to look like Achilles wings on the sides.

I've told him he should enjoy his golden blond long hair. If you look at my dad, my father in law, or even my husband, it doesn't take a genius to see that he will one day have much less on the top of his head and much more on the rest of his body including his eyebrows.

But it is time for a cut. So the baseball coach is colluding.
"You have one week to get a haircut." 
"But coach, I don't want to get a cut, the girls really like it." 
"The GIRLS don't write the line-up card."

To ease the trauma, I am taking him to Magen instead of letting my husband give him a buzz cut. Magen will give him a killer scalp massage, and a cut that will not completely scare those Justin Beiber-loving girls.

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blinger jenn said...

I'm with Coach BG, sorry Kieran