Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Elvis to Graduate

He relished his role as the Elvis/Rooster in Honk! the 8th grade play

The final stretch of my oldest son's middle school career ranged from Elvis to guitar and lacrosse player, and ended with awards in Spanish, technology, sportsmanship, and outstanding athelete in basketball. In between, he applied and was accepted to two high schools, chose one, took lots of placement exams, played on two basketball teams, went to Washington DC with his class, broke his own school record for the fastest cross country mile, and then got his braces off. It was hard to keep up with him. I just managed to get him where he needed to go, and take a few pictures.
His love of lacrosse was a surprise. It's not for whips or moms who don't like to see their sons rough it up.
Here he is (#1) getting smacked in the face.
My son and some of his classmates
Playing guitar in the band at school
Recognition during a graduation ceremony
My three boys on the last day of school

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