Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Sport In the House

And I mean IN the house. The lacrosse stick appears all over the house, and the giant bag of equipment is usually right where I trip over it coming down the stairs.

I went to my oldest son's first scrimmage on a beautiful, warm day and as I sat basking in the sun, I listened to the usual parent chitchat so common in every sport. "My son isn't getting enough playing time," and "he must have said something to piss off the coach," and "My son should be on the A team," and the ever-popular "Dammit Johnny when the pass comes to you, you better f**ing catch it." That last one from a mom.

I decided I better learn a bit about the sport before I start chatting with the other parents. I will probably look for another parent who can explain things to me, but one must choose wisely when selecting a mentor. I'm going to shop around. Until then, I am incognito and known as "new kid's parent." Probably not incognito for long as my son scored two goals in his first ever scrimmage.

When I told my son this morning that it is a fun game to watch, he asked me why. I said, "because it's kind of funny to see the players whack each other." He looked at me and said that is not what he expected me to say at all. In fact, when he first started practices he told me, "Mom, you do not want to watch this."

Oh, but I do. The most challenging thing about watching the game is that it is really hard to see the ball when it's in the net of a player's stick. I wonder if they ever play with neon-colored balls you can see from the stands. But then again, maybe that is part of the game, I don't know yet. But I will learn, as soon as I can identify a good mentor. I think I'll stay away from Johnny's mom though.

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