Thursday, February 3, 2011

Caffeinated Stream of Consciousness

I should have had decaf.

Baseball drafts, practice schedules. Basketballs still bouncing for all three boys. Why do sports seasons overlap so much? Hoping that no one makes the playoffs or All Stars, which you feel bad about, even though you know they will.

A new sport enters: lacrosse. Along with all the required pads, gloves, helmet and bruises. My son has already told me, "Mom, you might not want to watch this." First scrimmage game is Saturday. I going to have to watch.

Record-breaking mile time. Record-breaking number of texts. Record-breaking number of emails for me which has nothing to do with my kids and everything to do with co-chairing the big fundraiser for my kids' school.

Facebook monitoring and a phishing incident.

Superbowl party invites but way more interested in the Thriller Glee that is coming on afterwards.

A sick friend and a newfound gratitude for good health.

A recent taste for warm sake while watching the news of winter storms everywhere but here.

A reminder, again, that you just can't please everyone and you probably shouldn't try anyway. Being called a hypocrite by your son and owning up to the fact that yes in fact that is your right as a mom.

After reading the article, still somewhat confused by why Justin Beiber is on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Voice lessons to nail the Star Spangled Banner to be sung at Opening Day.

A leaning toward vegetarian eating in our house, except for copious amounts of bacon.
A recent princess explosion, thanks to a visit by a very cute and definitely obsessed red-haired four year old.

Watching history unfold in Egypt with my kids, who actually understand there is a revolution going on. Impressed by the fact they are worried about the antiquities in the area.

Shopping with my son for a birthday present for 13 year old on-again off-again girlfriend in the perfume section of Macys. Complete and utter overwhelming retail confusion for him. Then I sat down to get "freshened up" at the Benefit counter by a nice flamboyant young man in a pink tie and complete make-up, with my son standing rather impatiently next to me. I actually wondered if this guy thought my son was cute because he was looking at him more than me. That's when it became a weird confusing experience for both of us. We ended with a reassuring stroll through Sports Authority, with the soothing smell of new tennis shoes.

One son asked to be assistant music director of eighth grade play, another asked to help kindergarteners learn to swim, and another entering his first comedic stage role as a boxer who is married to a nun and has a short female manager who pushes him around. Yeah, I don't get that one either. But something tells me it could be quite humorous.

Realizing that although it is a bummer that the ridiculously complicated remote control for the TV broke down, you can change the channels with your phone. Realizing that if you don't give anyone else the log-in information, you have complete control over the TV, like in the old days.

One kid actually starting to keep his own electronic calendar of his own practices and obligations, of his own free will.

Watching the Diving Bell and the Butterfly with one son who is home sick, both of us sobbing.

A son over the moon for a girl and wondering what to get her for Valentine's Day.

Getting a call from the school about a behavior issue and having my husband volunteer to deal with it.

Trying to figure out how to cheat on the volunteer hours I owe to one organization because I'm too busy volunteering with another.

Going through way too many cups of coffee at the office. Which is why I really should switch to decaf.


Sabrina said...

I hear you loud and clear! We don't have 3 athletes in the house, but you can substitute equal number of activities for 3 kids. Sounds like your troop is at least thoughtful and somewhat drama free! Enjoy the Spring baseball (and yes, why does the work for that start in January??).

Amber said...

Thanks Sabrina, nice to know others can relate!

Kim Ratcliff said...

I love the part about the makeover guy in Macy's; then walking through Sports Authority. Nothing like a nostril full of tennis shoe to reclaim your manly testoterone :)