Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upstairs & Downstairs

Our summer is winding down. We can count the days left before school starts on one hand now. My oldest seems to be melancholy, with thoughts of his final year at his K-8 school, impending high school applications, being the big man on campus. At four months from turning 14 years old, he is quiet, thoughtful, and fairly serious. Usually a voracious reader, he has even had a hard time focusing on his summer reading for school.

I commented to him tonight, "You seem to have a lot going on upstairs these days." I was hoping to draw him out a little and find out what is going on in his head. In his non-verbal teenage way, he acknowledged with a nod, when his 10 year old brother blurted out, "Yeah, he's got a lot going on DOWNSTAIRS these days too!"

As usual, my youngest knows what's what. And tells it like it is.

I did not ask for details. On second thought, maybe I don't want to know what's on his mind.


Lilo said...

There should be a reaction button that says "Truth".

Tanner said...

haha! That's hilarious, Amber. We've not got much going on in that dept. but weirdo that I am, I'm continually asking for the update…