Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Show Done!

My youngest just finished his second show with Children's Musical Theater of San Jose. I found myself volunteering insane hours and spending a lot of time backstage . . . which was much more fun than I thought it would be. I have never been backstage during a show, or even been in a show. And for this one I helped with the 8 million costumes required for each actor. OK, I exaggerate slightly. Only slightly.

So while I was backstage, I am NOT a Backstage Mother. I saw a few of them though. Really not so different from the Little League dads when you strip it down to the "Push! Primp! Polish! Practice! My child deserves a far better role/position! My child's talent is under-appreciated!" Thank goodness that, just like in Little League, it's just a few parents that act this way. I have to say they ARE entertaining.

The stage door.

The dressing room. Much like a locker room, this boy's dressing room had to be doused with Febreeze every 15 minutes to make it bearable to go inside. The grass skirts, leis, and coconut bras were part of my son's costume!

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