Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clean Plate Club

My youngest son just has a knack for performing in front of an audience.

During the 6th inning of a tense and close playoff Little League game last night, my youngest sauntered up to bat. He eyeballed the pitcher, set his feet, tapped home plate with his bat. Then instead of bringing his bat in to position to hit the ball, he said something to the umpire standing just behind the catcher.

The umpire reached in to his pocket and pulled out his brush, handing it to my youngest. My youngest knelt down and carefully and meticulously brushed off the plate, which was just a tiny bit dusty. This was accompanied by much laughter from both sides of the field, a much needed comic relief in the tension.

Satisfied with either the audience reaction or the clean plate, or both, he was ready to hit the ball and get on base to help win the game.

As proof that imitation is the best form of flattery, a team mate who also likes to be appreciated by his fans asked for the brush to clean the plate himself before his turn at bat.

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