Monday, June 21, 2010

Boys in the Kitchen

I think my kids could have a great cooking show. They don't cook very often, but when they do there is a lot of laughing and usually some antics going on. Let's face it, three's a crowd in the kitchen. Especially with one boy who likes to toss ingredients in the air, one who doesn't read the directions all the way through, and one who really would rather be teasing the dog.

As of this morning my kitchen is spotlessly clean. Well, it was. Then came the rice krispy treats project.

hysterical laughing,
a distracting baseball game on the kitchen TV,
a bag of marshmellows,
a box of rice krispies spilled all over and into the range,
a tiny saucepan when a large pot is called for,
a vacuum,
a dog who is not allowed in the kitchen scrambling to eat all the items on the floor but who doesn't like the vacuum,

and you get a project that is more clean-up than creating, and a miraculously somewhat successful batch of treats that are a bit tough and overcooked but delicious to their creators.

The creators who, I realized too late, have braces and shouldn't be eating them in the first place.

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