Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Mom

I feel like a bad mom. I just found out that my youngest son's Little League team is the number one seed for his AAA division and I'm NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT! What kind of mother is upset that her son's team is doing well?

My youngest son auditioned for a local production of High School Musical 2 earlier in the month and has been cast as a Pool Boy and Lava Posh. Yes, I laughed hysterically when I found this out. He is pretty excited about it because in rehearsals so far he gets to serve a drink to Sharpay and to dance on top of a desk. I'm not sure, he may even get to wear his bathrobe, we'll see.

So we knew that play rehearsals, Little League, and the end of the school year would all clash somewhat. But it really would be much much easier if his baseball team wasn't doing well and we could predict the end of the season. But no. Now we start playoff games, which are impossible to plan for since you don't know when you are playing until you win or lose each game. If his team wins the playoffs then there is another series of unpredictable games. And the play rehearsal schedule is absolutely not flexible. And then my husband just told me my youngest is being asked to play on the All Star team, which just about sent me into calendar apoplexy. NO!! I cannot jam one more activity in there! I refuse!! So my husband sat and poured over the excel spreadsheet in 7 point type detailing out all the rehearsals to see what gives. I'm not sure what he discovered because I went upstairs, got in bed, and pulled the covers over my head.

My middle son's Little League team is also the number one seed in the Majors division. We now have our playoff schedule, or at least the first two or three games. After that, it's completely unpredictable. And he will play All Stars too. But that's OK, we have planned for all that. Except no one planned for the unseasonal rain that may or may not fall this week, throwing my entire calendar into a blender with random dates and commitments flying out and splatting on the floor.

So my mantra for the next two weeks: take things day by day. Live in the moment. Don't worry about that which I cannot control. Enjoy where I am at this moment.

I'm going to try anyway.

If you see me meditating in my car (which needs to be washed), don't disturb me. I will be getting centered. Or I'm sorting through a pile of tournament spreadsheets.

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Anonymous said...

You are a better woman than a few short years maybe #1 son can drive his brothers the meanwhile I would move to within walking distance of the baseball diamond...that way at least half of the games would be "self-service". LJO