Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basketball and Rapping on the Airplane

One of the highlights of spring break in our family: a quick trip to LA for my husband and two of my sons.

My middle son's all-star NJB basketball team did unexpectedly well, coming in 2nd in the regional tournament and qualifying them for the national championship tournament in LA. After winning four out of five games in two days, his team ended up 3rd in the nation for 6th grade NJB, with a big trophy to bring home.

In the team picture, my son is bottom row, 2nd from the right.

As you might guess, if you know my youngest son, he was not to be outdone.

On the Southwest flight, he talked to the head flight attendant. Then, when they were at 35,000 feet, my youngest took over the microphone and had the entire 737 airplane stomp/clap/stomping for him as he performed his Southwest Rap. He was rewarded with his own thunderous applause and in leu of a trophy was presented with his very own giant bag of individual peanut snacks.

While I wasn't there to see it, I can just picture the smile on his face carrying those peanuts off the plane.

I think everyone who knows my youngest has heard his rap. For those who have not, or those who want to hear it again, I will post it soon as a video. Please check back shortly.

So where was I that weekend? I was at an all-girl weekend in Monterey with my mom and a group of fabulous women learning all about free-motion quilting, which was pretty much the opposite of being at a boys' basketball tournament in LA. While I regretted seeing the games and the rap performance, I had a great time away from it all. Moms really need that sometimes.

Where was my oldest son? Staying with a friend and attending a bat mitvah. I forgot about the dog until the last minute, he had to stay somewhere too! Thanks dad, he enjoyed staying with you and is still tired from following you around all weekend.

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Sandra Smith-Dugan said...

Can't wait to see the video! :)
Way to go BB Winners - that's incredible!!