Monday, March 8, 2010

Out Standing in the Field

Dearest Friends and Relatives,

Little League season has started. From now until June, you will rarely see or hear from me unless you come out to the field or call me on my cell phone which I will answer from the field (unless I am scorekeeping).

Why, you might ask, is being a Little League mom different from a NJB basketball mom? After all, I have only two boys playing Little League this year, and all three boys played NJB. (One still is still playing basketball, it's that confounding extension of the season called All Stars which overlaps in a big way whatever sport comes next) Being a Little League mom is different because the baseball games last two-and-a-half to three hours, plus the hour-long warm up before the game. From this week on, we have FOUR games a week. Now do you begin to understand why I always say I live out at the field? Because I do! The games are so long, they preempt at least one meal. This necessitates so much organization of snacks and groceries and advanced cooking methods that I sometimes can't keep it together. It makes the fact that my family, and I, don't really like to eat out, a disability. I really should embrace my crockpot but I only have one recipe that I really like made in it.

My boys are very happy during Little League season, they would live in their uniforms if they could. I too have grown to appreciate most of what Little League season brings. So here we go, once again!


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