Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heavy Sports Weekend

I think I have Toxic Sports Syndrome after this weekend.

Saturday: four games. Starting at 9:00, a baseball game for my youngest son. Followed by a noon game for my middle, then a 3:30 soccer game for the oldest, and topping off the day with a basketball game at 6:15 for my middle son.

Then after the basketball game, a group of parents and boys decided to get something to eat. Sounded like a good idea after a long day. It's not like I had time to get dinner organized at home anyway.

We sat down to chat with some parents we didn't know very well. The conversation veered immediately to the refereeing of the game, the bad calls, and the unfairness. This is after our team won the game. And this was from a mom sitting right next to me. If she was looking to get to know me, she didn't get very far. I didn't participate in the complaining. After trying to steer the conversation to something less sporty several times, I gave up. I had enough. I packed up my terrible restaurant meal in a to-go container and left my husband to pay the bill and round up the boys. I had my own car and drove home enjoying the quiet.

Sunday: two games. Both basketball games for my middle son. He played one game at 2:30, which his team won. That means . . . yes, folks, that means MORE GAMES!!! Actually it is rather exciting. His All-Star basketball team qualified for the state tournament in southern California by winning that game. They played another game at 6:15 which they lost. Again there was a whole lot of complaining, whining and shouting about the quality of refereeing coming from the stands near me. Sometimes I wish there was a section to sit in labeled I'm just hear to sit and watch the game and not the referees, so any complaining you hear is not coming from this section.

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