Friday, March 26, 2010

Dirty Job for Candy

What will an eleven-year-old boy do for $2 worth of candy?

More than I thought.

I offered $2 for unrestricted candy purchases at our Little League snack shack if one of the boys would do a job for me. It's a job I didn't want to do. I asked my husband to do it and he didn't want to either. So more than a week later, I tried the candy bribe. I didn't think it would work.

You see, about eight weeks ago we hosted an event. There was some leftover food that, unbeknownst to me, was placed in our small outside drink refrigerator. Last week, when the weather warmed up, I went out to uncover the BBQ and opened up the refrigerator to check out what was in there. Repulsed by the smell and the mold, I recoiled. The refrigerator wasn't on. I gagged and quickly shut the door again.

My middle son decided to take on the task before he really knew the situation. After checking it out, and gagging, he shut the refrigerator door and thought for a minute. Then, holding his breath, he got out one of the containers of what he called "alien barf" out. He got a whiff and a good look at it, which caused him to gag violently. He set it down and backed away for some fresh air. Watching him pacing and trying to control his gag reflex from in the house, I thought "that's it, he is not going to do it." But he went back! Taking a large breath and then holding it, he approached the toxic mess again with a very concerned yet determined look on his face. After another attempt and getting a small amount of goo on his hand, he sprayed the area down with water, then came to the door requesting a garbage bag and rubber gloves. I handed him both. He took another deep breath and and advanced on the mess yet again.

I should have taken a picture but I was laughing too hard. Then I noticed he was doing all this in his socks. I locked the door to the house so he couldn't come inside until he removed the socks.

Wow did he earn that $2! I might even give him a bonus.

I better figure out what to make for dinner because NO ONE is going to go for leftovers tonight. Gag.


Shelly Luke Wille said...

I have a lot of packing and unpacking to be done. I may even offer $10 in candy:)

Amber said...

I'm not sure I'd trust them to pack anything fragile. Other than that, feel free to employ them for some candy!