Monday, February 15, 2010

Basketball Inequities

It's hard when you have three boys playing competitive basketball and one boy ends up loosing every single game in the entire season and another boy ends up winning the championship for his age division. To make matters even more interesting, they both play point guard on their respective teams.

My husband and I have really tried to make sure the winning player (my middle son) appreciates and can attempt empathy for his older brother who has had such a rotten season.

My oldest has been great. He has shown real maturity in handling his team's performance. Not to say he isn't frustrated and bummed. He is. But he can still have some fun playing and working on his own game. I have seen him play point guard with a toughness and intensity, and a mindful eye on the movement and strategy for the game, despite his team mates dispirited play and the wide gap in score. He didn't give up, even if at times he was so emotional about another loss that tears of frustration would well, but not quite fall. He still insisted on going to every practice, and showed up for every game.

And he could still show excitement and admiration for his younger brother's accomplishments.

I think he might have gotten a whole lot more out of the season than his brother who helped lead his team to victory.

My youngest has had a pretty good season, his team is doing well and he is a contributing member of his team, even getting to play point guard occasionally. But he is not quite old enough or mature enough to see the lessons that his older brothers are showing him; you don't have to be the best player out there, just try your hardest. It's all you can do and results may vary. Then again, he's got his theater performance coming up and his mind is really more on that than basketball.

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Jane LaFazio said...

sounds like you've raised some smart boys...