Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad Boy!

One of the males in my house is a little jealous and behaving badly. My youngest is getting lots of attention at the moment (which he is basking in like the afternoon sun after a month of rain) and someone else seems to be bent out of shape. In fact, we were shocked to discover, a few mornings ago, evidence that he snuck out of the house in the middle of the night! I really didn't think I would be dealing with sneaking out for at least a few more years.

He made several critical errors which gave us plenty of evidence of the transgression. First, he left the front door wide open. He can open the door very sneakily but he can't close it.

Second, he left some muddy footprints behind.

Third, he had a really guilty look on his face.

At least I'm pretty sure he wasn't out chasing girls. He might have been chasing raccoons though.


Anonymous said...

Or killing a deer.

Anonymous said...

My heart did a little skip there untill I realized you weren't talking about the 2 legged males. I'm not ready for that either.