Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catching Up #5, Turbo Mode

My caffeine buzz is seriously wearing off. I have to at least get to the New Year.

The day after Christmas, I took the boys and fled to Southern California for a little adventure. We left my husband at home to deal with long depressing days at work and the dog. I know it sounds mean but he really did need time alone to get some important work done and I really needed to do something fun with the kids.

We drove down Highway 101, stopping in Santa Barbara to visit friends and break up the drive. The next day we continued south to Carlsbad to visit my dear friend and college roommate and her husband. Their child is Racine, a field lab that my children think of as a cousin.

It was a visit of dog sleepovers, knitting, catching up, getting soaked at SeaWorld, skimboarding at Laguna, seeing Avatar, sharing laughs and drinks, and the quintessential New Years experience: tuna casserole and champagne, and everyone sound asleep by the time midnight struck. Oh yes and I cannot forget to mention the badminton game and the sighting of the largest monster truck ever (built on a semi truck chassis) in Pismo on the way home.

My middle son, the most fashion-conscious of the trio at the moment, wore his new plaid flannel shirt every single day of this trip. I also wore the same thing every day of the trip due not to fashion but a critical packing failure. The failure was that I forgot to pack my clothes. So I wore the same jeans every day and was really not happy when I went on a ride at SeaWorld and unexpectedly got completely drenched by freezing cold water. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that.

We came home happy and with a new recipe the boys can make: Victor's traditional cheesy tuna casserole.


Jane LaFazio said...

how great to see Nicole and Victor and their dog! great pics, and sounds like a great time!!

love how you 'girls' have you kniting and cocktails! :-)

nicole said...

We had sooo much fun too!