Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catching Up #4, Turbo Mode

Christmas Day was a quiet little affair at home. The boys spent the day in their pajamas building legos.

I cooked breakfast and we had a friend over who understood and embraced the pajama spirit of the day. Then my husband got dressed and left for the airport and his aunt's funeral. Once he left, I decided Christmas was over and packed up almost all the Christmas decorations. It was easy because I never got around to putting any ornaments on the sad little fake tree. The fact that I had a naked tree bothered my mother immensely but went unnoticed by my boys and husband. Little did I know that the tree would still be hanging around a full month after Christmas, not quite put away. I think my husband was so empowered by throwing away our old fake tree with the light issues that he wants to toss this one too.

Here my husband poses with Janice, our friend, my fellow book club member and pajama breakfast guest. I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this picture. As you can see, my husband got his black dress shoes back from our middle son (see update #2).

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Jane LaFazio said...

love all the christmas photos!