Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catching up #2, Turbo Mode

My middle and youngest sons, sixth grade and fourth grade, after they performed in the Winter Concert at their school. Aren't they so handsome?

Outfitting my oldest turned into a shopping ordeal. I looked everywhere for size 14 black pants with zero luck and finally had to order them online and have them priority shipped. They arrived hours before the performance. They barely fit.

My middle son is no longer in boy sizes, a realization that shocked me and left me wondering "Where the heck do I buy clothes for him now?" I was to find the answer several weeks later: In one of several stores with very dim lighting, very loud music, and a very small boys/mens selection, guaranteed to fray your patience and cause a headache.

Oh, and my middle son did not have any black shoes either. I was not prepared to buy a pair that would fit him for about 5 minutes. We discovered that my husband's shoes fit him perfectly. And he finds them very nice and comfortable. Which I am not sure was so thrilling for my husband. I was secretly very glad at that moment to have all boys, knowing my shoes are all safe in my closet.

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