Thursday, December 10, 2009

These Holiday Blues Are Not Mine!

Talk about the holiday blues! This morning I got out of the shower and grabbed one of my favorite pairs of jeans from my closet. I went to put them on and they were a little more difficult to get over my thighs. As I started wriggling and pulling, I thought "I am going to kill my friend Tali who made those EVIL pretzel-Hershey kisses-M&Ms things. I ate a whole bunch of them and now my jeans don't fit!"

Then rrrippppp went the belt loop as I tried desperately to get the jeans over my hips.

SHIT. Not good.

I look down at the jeans. How could this be? Yes, they DID fit me last week.

Then I looked again.

They were my son's jeans. My eleven-year-old son's jeans.

Thank god.

First, but probably not the last, time that will happen. And perhaps soon they will even fit me!


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Anonymous said...

If you can even get your 11 year old's jeans above your knees you deserve more of those evil Hershey Kisses thingys!! So I am making up a whole new batch just for you!! Happy Holidays. Tali