Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Help

Getting out all the Christmas decorations can really be a pain. First of all, they are stored where I cannot retrieve them by myself. In the past I have had to rely on my husband to get them down, which usually occurs about ten days and eighty-seven reminders after I would actually like to have them available. Second, we have an artificial tree which requires at least two people to assemble.

One of the most awesome things about having three boys who are getting very strong is that they can get all the decorations and the tree down for me and I only have to ask them once and bribe them with candy.

OK before you write me off as one of those "fake tree" people, let me just tell you that my entire family used to be sick for the entire month of December, from the day we put the tree in the house until the day it went to the trash. Yep, allergies. Fake tree equals no sniffling, no sneezing, no sinus infections, no ear infections, no trips to pediatrician, pharmacy, no antibiotics. So I don't care what you say, it's worth it.

When I bought our fake tree eight years ago, it was a marvel. Even my mom was jealous. It's twelve feet tall, with thousands of tiny white lights. It came with a VHS video demonstrating how to assemble it, starring a very effeminate man who overly enthusiastic about Christmas trees. The first time we watched it we were crying so hard with laughter we couldn't follow the instructions.

Eight years later this tree is dusty and only three of the thirty (?) strings of lights still works. It's the old-school lights where if one goes out, the whole string goes out. So it sat in our living room for the last five days looking very dusty and very pathetic, lit at the top, middle left, and part of the bottom. My husband INSISTED he was going to fix it.

I gave him a deadline and an ultimatum. If the lights are not fixed, or mostly (partly?) fixed by a particular date, the tree goes away and I replace it. As the deadline neared, he completely avoided the tree, not looking at it, talking about it, even being in the same room as the tree. I knew there was no way he would test each and every little bulb on that tree, but he was breaking out in hives at the thought of having to throw something like that away. I certainly wasn't going to fix the lights myself. Finally tonight the deadline arrived. He let out a deep sigh as he prepared to go in and face down the tree.

My oldest looked at him and said, "Dad, do you need a Christmas tree pep talk?"

After much laughter my husband admitted that he just didn't have the time or desire to work on the lights and maybe we should replace it. At the ready, I brought in the cheap tree I bought at Home Depot. We set it up, all the lights work. But it is half the height of the old one, didn't come with a funny video, and will only hold about one-eighth of our ornaments. It looks pretty bad. On this new tree, if one light goes out, the others on the string stay lit. But it's not really a big deal because I think this tree has only two strands of lights on it. My middle son put a positive spin on it. "Mom, it will look like we have a TON of presents when we put them under that tree."

Now I'm the one who needs a Christmas tree pep talk. I'm thinking about going back to a real tree, sinus infections and all.

I'm going to bed to dream about my secret fantasy of having Kren, the florist who created stunning flowers for our wedding almost eighteen years ago, coming to my house to deliver a very tall beautiful perfect tree, setting it up, lighting it, and decorating it for me. A girl can dream.

In reality I'm going to have some interesting negotiations with the boys about which ornaments we put on the tree and which get left out this year. Hey, at least we won't need the ladder.

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Mrs. L said...

Go after the holidays and buy one of the giant pre-lit Christmas trees at 70% off (thats how we got ours :). Be sure not to get a kitten cuz then real or fake, you won't be able to have a tree up....