Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Twinge of Guilt

I have a twinge of guilt.

I am off for a tropical paradise, leaving my husband to manage the boys.

I'm not saying he can't do it. Not at all.

It's just that usually it takes BOTH of us to get everyone where they need to be. We have a change over of sports this week too. Flag football has ended and basketball, both NJB and school teams, are starting practice.

What I'm Getting Out Of, By the Numbers

6: Days I will be gone
14: Number of basketball practices
3: Number of soccer practices
1: Number of baseball practices
1: Number of soccer games
2: Number of baseball games
10: Trips back and forth to school in the car
6: Dinners I will not be cooking
8: Number of times the dishwasher will need to be unloaded
0: Number of "people" my family has working for us to help with all of the above jobs
500: Number of times I will not be asking someone to stop bouncing a ball in the house
15: Number of times I will not be yelling at someone to go to bed
0: Days that I will wake up at 6:30 am

Oh god, now that I look at this list I hope that my husband will not read this. At least not until my flight leaves. Maybe I have more than just a twinge of guilt. As a mom there is just no getting around it, the guilt is always there when we shirk our duties to do something for ourselves. It shouldn't stop us from taking a break once in a while.

So I am going to do my best to not feel the guilt, have a great time, and come back to a very appreciative family with a rested and tan smile on my face.

Not too tan, or I'll feel too guilty next time I see my dermatologist. Oh there it is again. Stop it!


lightening_up said...

You are F'in hilarous. For goodness sake, stop counting and start drinking. Or sunbathing. Or reading a book with your feet in the sand/water. If nothing else, this list should show you that you TOTALLY deserve a break.
And know that we will miss you, but clearly not as much as your husband will.
This is a great way to have your family _really_ appreciate you.

Jane LaFazio said...

Love your list!! Hope you're having a fabulous guilt-free...okay, reduced-guilt tropical trip!
and I LOVE the new header photo! OMG

Janine said...

Enjoy yourself! Let go of the guilt. You deserve it!

Carla said...

I hope it was glorious!