Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Quite on the Ball (Yet)

I thought I was mostly ready for the boys to back to school.

Then I had one of those "am I a bad mother?" thoughts this morning as my middle son, who lives for PE, is running out the door for carpool and shouts, "Mom, I need my PE uniform today!" Mad scramble as all three boys shoot up the stairs and through the house, doing an all-out sprint for their rooms. I know the shorts are in the washer. Been there for three days. Ooops. For god's sake, keeping track of school uniforms, baseball uniforms, soccer uniforms, and PE uniforms in addition to all the regular laundry is really testing my sanity. Not my brain, just my sanity.

Thank goodness it's going to be hot today. Those wet PE shorts should feel great.

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