Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New School Year

This morning, my middle son, eleven years old and a new 6th grader, was up early. For the 100-pound, almost five foot tall kid who is almost visibly growing, that is unusual. He loves his sleep, and likes to sleep in. It takes him a while to wake up in the morning. Sports-talk radio blares from his room for at least 20 minutes before he can rouse himself.

Last night was my birthday, and we were all up a little late eating an insanely rich dense chocolate-chocolate cake. So to see him up early, diligently studying at the kitchen table just made me smile. He is really getting a good start in school this year!

My husband came to the kitchen to say goodbye to him before leaving for the office. "Hey buddy, what are you studying there?" he asked, looking down at his paper. My son galnced up and said, "The football plays, Dad. I've got to memorize them."

My husband then gave me the goofiest smile, a combination of pride, amusement, and I-can't-believe-you-are-surprised-he's-obsessed-with-sports-don't-you-have-that-figured-out-yet look.

Apparently my son is taking his job as quarterback of the 5th/6th grade team very seriously. And apparently, the dad who never got picked to play the quarterback as a kid is enjoying himself a bit. I've got to get that book back out, Football for Dummies. I'm not totally sure what the quarterback exactly does.

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