Monday, September 14, 2009

Field Trip Already?

My sixth grader is off on a field trip already. Yes, we just started school and he has left today for five days in Yosemite to hike and a science-related curriculum. He packed his bag this morning before he left, just like his Dad does. I hate that. I have to be more organized ahead of time, but since HE had to pack, HE got to pick when to do it.

He got to school, met up with friends, and had not a trace of nervousness or trepidation getting on the bus. I wasn't surprised. He loves anything related to being outside, the forest, and camping. He is a very independent guy.

He is almost like a teenager. The almost part being the footed pajamas and the teddy bear that went into the suitcase. And the fact that he does not care what his friends might think about either one.

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Cindy said...

Oh, that is such an excellent trip! Matt and Tim both loved it. Matthew enjoyed running while he was there. And apparently the breakfasts are a highlight. I was told by both kids that they serve donuts every day, make good pancakes, etc... :-)