Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boys Cubed

I am a geek at heart. As a kid, I took great pride in being able to solve the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube was introduced in 1980, when I was thirteen, just a few months older than my oldest son is now.

I've had a Rubik's Cube around the house for years, hoping someone would pick it up and play with it. When my oldest son was at camp recently, I threw it in a care package that I mailed to him. Several days later when I talked to him on the phone he told me he was working on it, and then the next time I talked to him, he was very excited to tell me he could solve it now. I secretly rejoiced: another geek!

When he came home, the Rubik's Cube hardly left his grasp and he was determined to teach my middle son how to do it too. Now, I have two children who can solve the Rubik's Cube!

I wondered, would my youngest attempt it?

He looked at me and said, "Mom, the only way I am going to do a Rubik's Cube is to move all the stickers."

OK, I get it, cool people who are not geeks find other ways to deal with solving the cube.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming Soon to A Blog Near You

One mom.

One dad.

Three boys.

Two hundred square feet.

Two weeks.

Oh yeah, and add in the good friends, a family used to staying at the Four Seasons, bent on seeing the "real America."

Am I f**ing crazy?

Sparkling Clean and Shiny

In a fit of enthusiastic enterprising and a desire to feed their candy habit, my boys decided to wash my car for cash. Needing a car wash anyway, I was happy to pay them for the task. I figured it would keep them busy and they would have more fun than watching the cars get washed at the car wash. (Yes, the days when I would take them to the car wash and they would stand transfixed for hours are over). With caked-on bug splatter from two recent drives to Southern California and back (that's 1,400 miles), they had their work cut out for them.

I told them to use just a bit of the blue Dawn detergent and go for it.

An hour later my car was incredibly clean, sparkly and shiny. I was amazed at how well the bug stuff came off. The windows were very streaky but this is the most challenging part of washing a car, even for professionals. I could live with the streaky windows, an improvement over the nose art from the dog.

I felt almost guilty for paying them only $5 each.

Not to worry, they negotiated and cut a deal with Dad to wash three other cars for $40 each. What a sucker.

I have to say they improved with each car washed, and the windows were not even streaky.

Then as I was walking in the door of the house the next day, I noticed my bottle of JetDry Rinse Agent sitting there. Odd. Why would it be anywhere other than under the kitchen sink? As I picked it up, I noticed the blue liquid, exactly the same color as the Dawn detergent.

Yes, my car was washed with JetDry. It did a great job of dislodging cooked-on bugs. The car is very very shiny and I am certain that food will not stick to it.