Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feverish About Summer

Ahh, the start of summer. It's what I've been looking forward to for the last few crazed months. The carefree days, the impromptu BBQs, the sleeping in, the time to sit and drink a glass of sun-brewed ice tea and read my book, the time to practice making art in my journal and tackle a couple other projects, the chance to get a pedicure.

What the hell was I thinking?

It's daily All Star baseball practice, a list of people I am trying to schedule BBQs or get-togethers with who have busier schedules than mine, my kids are sleeping in but I can't anymore even if I stay up later than they do, I tried to make sun-tea but forgot it outside for two days, my book is already due at the library anyway (I know, time to get a Kindle). I feel like I am spending alternate days at Costco trying to keep enough food in the house just for the boys, let alone enough to do any entertaining. And to make it worse, my family has fallen victim to a virulent virus (nice alliteration) that has so far claimed three of the five of us, myself included. We don't have it at the same time, we are staggered about two days apart, so there has been somebody feeling crappy for a whole week. It started with my oldest son who had such a high fever he was hallucinating and about as active as a wet sponge. Alarmed, I took him to the doctor who swabbed his nose for a culture. He was so out of it he told the doctor the swabbing felt good! She looked at me with alarm too. No influenza, meningitis or appendicitis. She told me to give him Tylenol, suppository if necessary, fluids, and then looked at me in a really pitiful way and said without any hope, "Well I hope the rest of you don't get it." Two days later I got it, then today my youngest son fell victim. My oldest is now recovered, feeling fine and ready to get out and about, but no one else is.

Today is my seventeenth wedding anniversary, and my husband and I are emailing each other from across the house because neither of us have the energy to move, he from the couch with a sick child, me from my computer trying to catch up on some email with a very foggy and pounding head. We are trying to convince each other to put the kids to bed, and trying to muster up energy to watch a movie together.

Let's hope this summer starts looking up real soon here.


Anonymous said...

OH, dearest Amber...I'm sorry the bugs (biological, psychological, and "schedule-logical" ;) have got you down. I know most of us moms have been there at one time. Although I have been pretty quiet, know that I am with you in spirit...CSHAW

Marsh said...

Aargh! The only bright spot is that you guys are getting all of the bad stuff out of the way and the rest of the Summer will be clear sailing. Can't wait for you to be enjoying a cool breeze on our patio with a cool glass of wine.

Plain Jane said...

so...happy anniversary. Hope you get OUT to celebrate soon.

Amber said...

So we did just celebrate our anniversary on a stopover in Montecito near Santa Barbara. We were driving to pick up my oldest son at camp in Thousand Oaks. Stayed the night in Montecito, took a walk, checked out a $128 million house owned by the guy who invented Beanie Babies, and then went to Cava for margaritas and a huge VAT of guacamole.