Thursday, May 21, 2009

That Kind of Kid

I had to face a realization today.

My youngest son is that kind of kid.

The kind of kid who finds a dog biscuit in his pants pocket while at school. Instead of saving it, or throwing it away, he takes it out and shows it around, marveling at how it looks exactly like a chocolate chip cookie.

I happen to know it is in fact a dog biscuit and not a cookie but his friends are not 100% sure. He decides to take a little nibble. I make a yucky face but tell him it won't hurt him. He claims it is good. One of his friends bravely tries a tiny bit.

Yeah, he's that kind of kid, the kind that will eat a dog biscuit at school.

But he's also the kind of kid that will seek out the girl who loves sweets, who eats other kid's lunches, and test her specific reaction to his eating the dog biscuit. I can see him studying her response. Is she grossed out or interested? (Interested) Will she dare ask for a bite? (Not quite) What will she do? (Ask me if it really does taste good)

Yeah, he's that kind of kid. A risk taker who loves attention and pushing people's buttons to see what they do.

As a parent of that kind of kid, I'm not sure what I can do other than sit back and watch the show.


Plain Jane said... off the topic of dog biscuits. Do you know this site? and this

you must.

Amber said...

Thanks Jane for that website. I can see that I will be spending a lot of time exploring it, and probably tearing up a few times doing so. I will have to take breaks to work on my project for your online class!

Plain Jane said...

Hey Amber, you haven't gone to the joggles forum yet to introduce yourself! come on, what are ya, raising three kids or something??