Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Avoid Morning Chaos

Getting three boys ready for Little League games at the field by 8:00 am Saturday morning is a logistical feat. It sometimes involves yelling by one or more parent, frantic searching for cups by one or more kid, tearing apart the laundry room by more than one person, searching for the glove in the garage, and milk left out on the kitchen table.

This morning, for Opening Day, I didn't want to start the day off that way. We tried something new and managed to avoid some of the morning chaos.

First rule: label everything. Yes, this includes cups. This avoids fighting over who's items are who's. This is useful even if you have only one baseball player in your house because they will leave hats, bags, gloves, and yes, even cups, in the strangest places. I wish there was a way to label socks, I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If you are going to label, don't mess around, use a Sharpie and write big.

Next rule: have your player gather every item they need for the morning and lay it out the night before. This way there is time to search for the hat, find the cup under the seat in the car, and transfer items from the washer to the dryer (Christine). The first couple times your child goes through this process it might take 30 minutes for them to gather everything. Plan for it and make them do it themselves.

Last night my kids went through this process and the result was an interesting sort of Rorschach inkblot test of their personalities. If I was a developmental psychologist I would be able to read the results. I invite readers to analyze for themselves. Post your analysis in the comments below.

In a pile, organized but not overly concerned.

Is this UNorganized or what?

Is this organized or what?


Anonymous said...

Confucius say #1 Son, #3 Son, #2 Son! LJO

Amber said...

LJO you know them well! I will have to make it a bit more difficult for you next time.

EDubyaH said...

labeling!! Why didn't I think of that? Next step, no more cups left on the dining room table. I wish I were kidding.