Thursday, February 26, 2009


I went to a training session tonight to learn how to keep score for a AA division Little League game.

It might have been more helpful if the class was prefaced by the statement: You are about to learn a very specialized form of coded shorthand with which you will record every move by every player on the field in handwriting so small that a two hour game will fit on a postage stamp.

Hmm. This might be challenging for me. I like to color outside the lines. The scoresheet, which is so complex and minuscule that it is signed and copyrighted by it's creator, does not lend itself to any kind of creativity or personal expression. I am going to write my disclaimer, "There are no mistakes, just creative possibilities" on the scorebook cover.

I have always heard that baseball is a game of statistics but this is ridiculous! Who thought up all this stuff? Just about everything is recorded except for how many time the kids pick their noses or adjust their cups.


Mrs. L said...

I was the scorekeeper for the varsity baseball team in high school. I got suckered in one day cuz there was no one to do it. The coach made me sit in the dugout with the team. Twenty baseball players and me. I loved that job :)

Carole said...

I have been helping keep stats for my oldests traveling basketball team, my husband is the coach. I was also shocked at how many things they want recorded, but wanted to add some of my own. I wanted to add "made a great save" and "turnover-but-tried-really-hard" and "penalty-but-it-wasnt-really-his-fault". We also have plenty of "Mom-rules" that we wish the refs would add. Like if they fouled but got hurt in the process it shouldnt count!