Thursday, November 13, 2008

Patterns of Importance

My youngest son is having some difficulty with spelling. He seems to struggle with recognizing the patterns letters form to spell words, and applying those patterns to spelling other words.

This can be something very worrying to a parent.

Am I worried about it?

Absolutely not.

Because last night he told me he noticed a pattern. All the light blue PG&E trucks that he has ever seen are Ford F-550s. Which is weird, because every other Ford truck he sees is a Ford F-150, 250, etc. But he's never seen a F-550 unless it's a PG&E truck.

He announces the makes and models of trucks he sees as we drive around every day. I thought this was solely to irritate his brothers. But he noticed a pattern that no one else in our family did.

I guess this means that he is a perfectly normal boy who is much more interested in trucks than learning how to spell. And I'm a perfectly normal mom who is much more interested in him learning how to spell than checking out Ford trucks.

While I am confident that he will learn to spell eventually, I know he is not so optimistic about me. I'm pretty sure he knows I am never going to be very good at identifying trucks.

Maybe painting his spelling words on the truck would help?

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Carole said...

LOL this reminds me of how my youngest learned his colors. When we would go to the drive-in, while we waited for the movie to start, I took him in his stroller and would walk up and down the rows, "blue car...white truck...". For the longest time he didnt know what gray was because most cars are silver, not gray!