Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Summer of Hair, or Lack Thereof

This summer has marked a new trend in hairstyles for my family.

It started with my youngest wanting a buzz cut. For some reason I have resisted this particular hairstyle for my boys with their gorgeous blond hair. When I got the phone call from my youngest, calling on dad's cell phone from the haircut place, to ask my permission for a buzz cut, I had mixed emotions. On one hand, he has the nicest hair, why cut it off and look bald? On the other hand, why not let him get the hairstyle he wants, it will grow back? I gave my permission and in return a fuzzy little chick came home in place of the tousled-hair boy I once knew.

Then, more recently, my middle son saw one of his best friends from school. This friend has had a longer, rumpled, signature head of hair since we've known him. So we almost didn't recognize him with a buzz cut. And he declares to my son, "I love it." I can see the wheels start to turn in my son's mind immediately.

I have a very hard time getting my middle son good haircuts, his hair is fine and thin and difficult to cut well. I already have one son with no hair. So a few days later, I ask if he might want a buzz cut too.

I don't know where the idea for the mohawk came from.

He thinks it is AWESOME.

We are now negotiating whether or not it will still be in place when school starts.

So now I am thinking of a change in my hairstyle. Nothing like a mohawk or tri-hawk, but maybe a color change so my hair is the same color as my boys' when they still had hair.

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