Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chestertown to Annapolis in Four Hours

The drive was supposed to take one hour. But a big rig drove over the side of the Chesapeake bridge, closing it down and stranding us and many many other people who desired to cross it.

We survived on one package of Skittles dolled out as fairly as my ten-year-old could bring himself to do.

We heard the Kid Rock song All Summer Long on the radio about ten times.

The most exciting part of our day was experiencing a thunderstorm in Annapolis. First it got cloudy, then the wind came up a bit. Next we heard the thunder, then saw a dramatic lightening strike in the afternoon sky. Soon after, an astonishing amount of hail and rain fell so fast that we didn't have time to run, and I mean RUN, to shelter before we were completely soaked.

Then we did what my boys and husband would call shopping, but I call speed walking past lots of shops that may or may not be open if we were moving slow enough to see the signs in the windows. While eating ice cream.

We are back in the room, trying vainly to shush three crazy kids up too late and hyped up on Olympics competition. I better go intervene before someone gets tied up with bedsheets and lowered out the window.

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