Friday, July 11, 2008

Warning: Teenager Approaching

“Mom, does this look tight?” (Translation: Mom, does this look good?)

I am asked to evaluate my oldest son's look: sunglasses and All Stars baseball hat. Now I know he is not asking if the fit is too snug, but I can’t help it. I tell him, “No, it looks like it fits you just fine, they are not too tight.”

He rolls his eyes, exhales loudly, and walks away.

What happened to my sweet little boy with a large vocabulary that did not include stupid slang expressions?

Like he says when asked a question, “I d.k.” (I don’t know)

There are other signs of change. Unprecedented fighting with his youngest brother. Aggressive behavior. Forgetful behavior. Sassy back talking behavior. All from who used to be the most kind, thoughtful and considerate member of our household.

I have to admit I feel a sense of loss. I miss my son and don’t particularly like this creature that has replaced him. Telling myself it is a phase makes me feel better until I think about how long this phase may last.

I think we picked the perfect time for him to be going away. He is going to a camp on the east coast for three weeks this summer, as part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program. He is really excited to be going, and I want to get rid of him.

Oh come on, not really. I will miss him terribly and the separation will be much harder for me than him. But he is ready for the independence and challenge that this program will give him.

I wonder if the kids he will meet at this camp will understand the meaning of the word "tight."


Anonymous said...

I am here to tell you it will never be as bad as 4 females cycling at the same time and I don't mean 2 wheelers.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus that would be torture! Glad I don't have that problem!