Friday, July 11, 2008

Expert Advice

Sisters sometimes ask each other for advice and more often give it even though it was not asked for. I am certainly guilty of this with my sisters. But it was very strange for me when my sister asked me for advice the other day. . . not on usual girl stuff, but on what to do about Athlete's Foot. And I had plenty to tell her about it.

And the other day, I was reading the Sports Illustrated article on the MLB pitcher Tim Lincecum. And I enjoyed the article. This is very strange for me. My usual magazine reading tends more toward Food & Wine, Bon Apetit, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, and Time.

If you told me ten years ago I'd be dishing out advice on Athlete's Foot and reading SI, I would have told you that would only be possible if I had a lobotomy.

You just never know where life is going to take you.

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