Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baseball Results

The playoffs were . . . long. My youngest son’s team came in second in the league. My older boys’ team came in first place in the league, which meant that they then went to the Tournament of Champions. And they kept winning the games, including the last championship game. They went as far as they could go. They played really well and had a lot of fun, they demonstrated they could hold up during pressure and show good sportsmanship, they were really proud of their accomplishment. My middle son, who was the closing pitcher in the final game, was even in the local paper. True fans click here to see the article.

And what did I learn? Boys expect a BIG trophy for such a big win. Not a little medal that goes around their neck and looks just like the medals for second place. If I ever run a tournament like this (and stop me if I volunteer) I will get HUGE trophies.

I also learned that my local carwash tries to take advantage of baseball moms by charging them $12 extra to remove car decorations that come off with water.

The peer pressure to decorate my car was very strong. I put my own twist on the usual "go team" and I enjoyed the occasional honks and thumbs-up while driving around.

The day after they won the TOC tournament, the older two boys both started practicing with their respective teams for All-Stars. All-Star practices involved almost three weeks of three different practices a day. One team practiced twice a day, the other once a day, every day. And none at the same drop off or pick up time. And then each All-Star team had four games, at different locations and mostly overlapping times. This is starting to sound like a word problem on a math test, no?

I am starting to understand that baseball is going to be a part of my life for quite a while, so I have to figure out a way to make it work for me. While all three boys love to play, my middle son is truly passionate about baseball. He recently told me that his most spiritual moment in his ten years of life was the day four years ago when Dad told him he was signed up for Little League. We watched Field of Dreams the other night and he declared it the best movie in the entire world. He is happier on the baseball field than anywhere else according to him.

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