Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Momentous Week

Last week my middle son experienced a momentous week. He had his tenth birthday, hit a game-clinching home run in a playoff game, and was given unexpected news by the ophthalmologist: he no longer needs to wear glasses!

This is the equivalent for an adult male: waking up and being ten years younger, scoring a date with a hot salsa dance instructor, and then being told by your bank that you can charge anything you want on your credit card and never pay the bill.

Equivalent for a mom? Let's see . . . being told you look way too young to have a ten year old, watching the look of sheer pride on your son's face as he rounds the bases after that home run (and watching the coach from the other team have a temper tantrum), and after five years no longer having to keep track of eyeglasses that need adjustment on an almost weekly basis and seem magnetically attracted to the car bumper and basketballs in the face.

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