Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Hit!

What is the etiquette when you have a son who is really good at a sport?

Why the heck do people, friends and strangers alike, come to congratulate the parents of a kid who hits a home run?

How is the parent supposed to act in the face of this somewhat misguided compliment? Proud but not too proud? How do you walk the fine line between competimommie and noncompetimommie? We all know the type who brags non-stop about their child. But is it just as bad to hide our children's accomplishments?

I found a great blog entry on the topic titled My Child Is Smart. Want to Punch Me Now? The author says, "Let's face it, it's easier to bond with other women by confessing our insecurities and shortcomings rather than our successes--and I think this goes double when our children are involved. The line between expressing awe and boasting is so fine, so precarious, that it's better not to tap dance within a hundred miles of it at all." But after exploring why we don't want to brag about our kids, she makes a case for appreciating their accomplishments. It's worth a read.

Now what do we do about the competigrandma who believes she has earned the right to sit in the stands and sing the praises of her grandson while maligning all the other kids (and the umpires) out on the field?

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Nana said...

Just to clarify, I was not the "grandma" in the stands. Having said that, I am very proud of all my grandsons and think they are very special.