Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baseball Has Taken Over My Life

It really has taken over. Between feeding and outfitting my three Little League baseball players, I have little time to do much else. I am really enjoying the games though. Thank goodness or I'd go crazy. All my non-Little League friends wonder what has happened to me. I scoff at the idea of doing anything else between 3 and 8 pm. Between practices and games, I am at the field from four to six days a week. If I'm lucky I remember what day I am snack mom and who has grown out of their cleats and where I last saw that athletic cup laying around the house and how long that water bottle has been in the car and where that team jersey is in the laundry cycle and when I have snack shack duty and if I have updated the latest practice schedule changes from the 87 emails a week I get related to Little League.

To avoid eating out all the time, I often start planning and preparing for dinner right after they leave for school in the morning. Providing them with healthy and filling after-school snack (which is often as big as a dinner) and then feeding them dinner within 5 minutes of getting home from practice and/or games after being gone all afternoon is really challenging and takes high-level organizational skills.

If my children did not truly LOVE baseball there is no way in hell I would put myself through this. My middle child loves baseball so much that he has proclaimed he wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up.

I wonder why, when the trophies are handed out at the end of the season, the moms don't get one. I figure if I got a trophy for assisting each boy through each baseball season (which lasts almost SIX months) and another for each All-Star team, I would have ten trophies lined up on my nightstand, and I would be looking forward to four more pretty soon here.

Although baseball has taken over my life, I did take a day to go surfing last week with some girlfriends.

And yes, I am mentioning it because it makes me sound really hip.

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