Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well It's About Time

I have made an important discovery: athletic tape is to boys what bandaids are to toddlers.

A sore thumb, a hurt ankle, a wrist sore from writing, it can all be made to feel much better with athletic tape. And just like those SpiderMan bandaids, the tape seems to have some sort of fashion appeal too.

My husband helped pay his way through college by taping ankles and other assorted body parts for various different college teams. You would think this would be a big help when it comes to taping up scrawny little preteen wrists. But no, he is not home when all this taping needs to occur. Thank god for the internet and the wealth of information on how to properly tape up just about anything. With a roll of tape by the front door and one in the car, I'm ready for anything.

Driving to baseball practice today, my youngest son was whining about how his wrist hurts from taking a fall. He had a high speed collision with a rock while zooming down the street on his Heelys yesterday. So I offer to tape up his wrist before practice if he would like.

He replies, "Wow, you are a REAL boy mom now!"

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