Friday, March 28, 2008

Rhymes with . . . fiancé

Dogs are a big topic of conversation around our house right now.

My youngest was explaining to a friend how his aunt and uncle just got a puppy, a male dachshund named Vinny, and his nana and grandpa have a little female dachshund named Rosie.

Someday the dogs are going to get married and mate.

But right now they are Beyoncé.


Anonymous said...

I vote for you all to get a dog-- not a puppy- over summer vacation...I bet if you put the vibe out there the right dog will show up. Anyways thats my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't know this stuff but Beyonce finally got married on Friday in New she is no longer Jay-Z's fiance but his wife. I guess they can have puppies now!

Sleepless in NM