Friday, March 14, 2008

I've Got Baseball All Over My Calendar

I finally got all the Little League games and practices for all my boys on my calendar. It is all color coded for who needs to be where when. It looks like an Excel spreadsheet threw up on my calendar.

For example, there is only one day this week when we don't have a game or practice for someone. Every day after school we will be choking down a quick snack and searching for all the various baseball uniform items; pants, socks, belts, undershirts, jerseys, hats, sliding shorts, cup (this item travels all over the house, I have no idea how), hat, and cleats. All items are constantly in various stages of being clean or dirty. In the beginning of the season we spray all the grass stains with stain-remover, attempting to have the boys look clean. We usually give this up by the third week or so, and have them wear the pants in whatever state they are; clean or dirty, stained or not.

After long practices and even longer games (sometimes 2.5 hours) there is little time for homework and preparing and eating dinner and showering and reading and bedtime. No playdates, no television. My friends and family know that I am always out at the baseball field or driving to or from, and never call my home phone during Little League season.

And yet, call me crazy, it's kinda fun.

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