Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Harry Potter Effect II

My nine year old has still been reading Harry Potter obsessively. In the car. While eating breakfast. While doing homework. While he's supposed to be sleeping. He was closing in on the final chapters of the fifth book, exclaiming it was the best book so far, when unbeknownst to me he started thinking ahead.

He came home from school the other day and told me he had a problem. While my other two sons tell me this kind of thing all the time, it is rare coming from him. I sat down and gave him my full attention.

"You know Alan at school?"

"Yes . . ." Alan is the head maintenance person, the football coach, and the physically imposing carpool and traffic autocrat at the school. In the chain of command at the school, I'm almost certain he is in the top three or four. He is not exactly a chatty person. He is however very fond of the children at the school. At least I thought he was . . .

Thoughts raced through my mind. What kind of problem could my son have with Alan??

"This is a big problem." My heart starts pounding. "Alan has the next TWO Harry Potter books checked out from the library."

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Alan said...

I finished 6 on Saturday and I'm on the waiting list for 7. Love to read and found the H.P. books fun and interesting. Autocrat, hardly, responsibility but little real authority. Just a deep desire to keep all 315 kids as safe as I can.