Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Yarn, Jesus!

We need more yarn.

What, oh what have I done?

I have three sons OBSESSED with knitting. They are even immersed in the language, discussing dropped stitches, increases and decreases (all unintentional), purling, accusing one another of making their stitches too tight. Wise observations are made: if you have bigger needles, you can get a lot more done. If your yarn is not soft enough it makes you itch and doesn’t feel good.

Is the craft store open on New Year’s Day? I call and get only an uninformative recording. We drive over with much anticipation. YES! It is open and we are the only customers. We get more yarn. Projects can progress.

My nine year old son spends the day alternating between knitting, visiting with cousins, reading his Alex Rider book, and listening and singing along with Jesus Christ Superstar.

What, oh what, have I done?


Nicole said...

I am sorry I feel partly responsible. I hope that you will still allow me to visit with your children.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Your a sick woman.
You gotta git them boys interested in things like shootin' deer and watchin' espn and scratchin' things and burpin', oh wait I forgot about your youngest.

carolyn said...

it may be a dna thing but my daughter can't get the hang of crocheting or knitting which i love and i love having a dna cousin with 3 blonde children -
the cosmic gypsy has stopped by for a visit