Thursday, November 15, 2007

And Your Point Is . . . ?

My fifth grade son announced as soon as he got in the car after school today,

"Mom, guess what! I am going to be the point guard on the basketball team!"

Football just ended last week. I think I was starting to sort of follow it. And with no break at all I am thrust into another sport that I understand very little of.

It's a little embarrassing to admit that I don't really get basketball. I mean, I know the basic basics. I know you need to be tall and I know that Steve Nash is a point guard. But considering how many college basketball games I have been to in the last 15 years with my husband (who comes from a family of rabid college basketball fans), I really should know more than that.

So is a point guard the guy who guards the other team from getting a basket? Is it going to matter that my son is the most, eh, height-challenged player on the team?

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chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, everyone in my family played basketball including my mother who was a lot taller than I. I still have all her basketball medals.
I have no idea what a point guard is. I have no idea how to play. And I have no idea how to play soccer either. I know that in both those sports you score by getting the ball in some sort of netting.